kayuna_hime's Journal

Hiii ~~
I'm known as Ophelia [Ex Kayuna] and I'm fond of Japanese Music and Japanese Style.
I especially love Visual kei : my favorite band is Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~ I made a french website, with a forum about them http://versailles.concept.free.fr please come and visit me ;] I'm especially fan of HIZAKI : I love all of his bands... He knows how to create an awesome atmosfear and how to make us feel so many things...
But I'm keen on many other visual kei bands, and even many hard metal bands. But I like many kinds of music too : I'm open minded about it I think ^-^
Weeelll ! I'm an EGL for now 3 years and I'm starting wearing sweet lolita. Of course my favorite brand is Moi meme Moitié,~~ I think their creations are wonderful and such particular !
Annnd then, I'd like to add that I've got another passion for more than 8 years : horses and horse riding !
Hu sorry I wrote a novel >.<
Thank you for reading !